Dreams come true on your Boat in the Bay.

Wake up to the sound of waves lapping against the side.
Step out onto the sun-warmed teak, and you’ll know it’s not just a fantasy.

Call for a refreshing drink and sit out on the upper deck, enjoying the breeze.
Have a soothing swim, or work on your tan in the sunbeds at the bow.

Take a stroll around your new home.
The saloon is cool and dark after the sun and sparkle above.
Soft carpets delight your feet, comfortable hardwood and leather furniture support your body.

The scent of fresh-cut flowers hangs lightly in the air as you chat with your private chef about dinner.
The crew are always happy to look after you.

Good food. Good wine. The company of family and friends. What more could you ask?

Take a little trip tomorrow.
Discover hidden lagoons, cozy bays, and wild beaches.
Watch the sunset, dive and snorkel to explore the underwater world in all its glory.

Life is fun and laughter, sunshine and cocktails.
All your troubles melt away on your Boat in the Bay.

Who We Are

Boat in the Bay is a family-owned agency specializing in private yacht cruises in Phuket and Southeast Asia.

Yacht collection by Boat in the Bay features only the best charter vessels of the region. We personally inspect each of them before adding it to our fleet. We start by meeting the yacht owner, then talking to the captain and crew. A short sea trial allows us to evaluate both the yacht’s performance and the quality of service onboard. We make sure the boat’s interior and exterior are well-maintained and kept in immaculate condition.

Our 40 years of experience in the yacht charter and management business allow us to make the right decisions when selecting the yachts to offer you and to get the continuous positive reviews by our customers.

“Boat in the Bay” is the name of our company, but it’s not just about the boats. It’s a whole yachting lifestyle: visiting nice restaurants in a lively marina, chilling out at the beach club, or staying the night in a seafront resort overlooking your beautiful yacht.

We’ve cruised over 50,000 nautical miles around Southeast Asia on motor yachts of all sizes. We know the most breath-taking cruising destinations and offer the most fabulous yachts to go there. And our “Boat in the Bay” collection is expanding all the time.

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Robert Hawkins,
Managing Director

Boat in the Bay Charter Manager Julia Hawkins

Julia Hawkins,
Charter Manager

Planning Your Charter

Step 1. Choose the Yacht

Have a look at our collection of charter yachts, check their amenities, accommodation, and toys. Think about where and when you want to charter, how many guests accompany you, and what amenities and activities you would like to experience during your trip with Boat in the Bay.

Step 2. Contact Us

As soon as you have decided on the above, contact us by +669-79-49-3000 or [email protected] and let us help you to arrange the perfect holiday.

Your personal Charter Manager would be happy to offer you the selection of yachts up to your requirements and recommend the destinations to visit during your trip.


Step 3. Finalize the Booking

Once the yacht has been chosen and availability has been secured, we will send you the Charter Booking Form which you will need to complete, sign, and return to us. The form outlines full details of your charter: travel arrangements, guest list, food and drink preferences, itinerary, and so on. It is our guide to organizing your perfect charter.

Step 4. Start Planning

Now, when you have booked your dream yacht with Boat in the Bay it is time to start planning the cruise. Based on what you told us in the Charter Booking Form as well as on our vast knowledge of the cruising destinations, we will produce unique itinerary suggestions for you and your guests.

Your personal Charter Manager and the captain of your yacht will start all the necessary preparations taking into account every detail up to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum length of a charter?

Your sea voyage can be as long as you want: from several hours up to several weeks. Contact us to get a custom quotation of your cruise. If you are considering to rent a yacht for 7 days or longer you can ask for a discount.

What are the payment terms for a charter?

A deposit in the amount of 50% of the charter rate is payable upon booking the yacht. The final balance plus an Advance Provisioning Allowance (if applicable) are payable 14-40 days before the charter starts.
Payments can be made via bank transfer (bank fees are not included in the charter rate), by credit card (+3% commission), or PayPal (+4,4% commission).

Do I have to pay VAT on my charter fee?

Yes. The cost of most yacht charters includes local 7% VAT.

What is included and not included in the charter rate?

If you rent a yacht for 1-2 days then the charter rate would normally include the expenses like return transportation to the pier, fuel, food, and drinks.

The pricing of longer charters is normally based on APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance). It means that the charter rate includes the yacht with all equipment, the crew, and the yacht insurance for marine risk. All the expenses like food, drinks, fuel, port dues, customs clearance, water and electricity, personal laundry, and return transfer to the yacht location comprise the APA and are payable by the charterer in the amount of 10-30% of the charter fee 1 month before the sea voyage starts.

These funds are then given to the captain in order to fuel and provision the boat by the moment you step on board.

How can I top up APA? What happens to any unused APA?

The captain of your yacht controls all the expenses within your APA. You can request the up-to-date report of the spending at any time, with the final report provided after the charter.

If during the trip the expenses exceed the prepaid amount additional cash funds will be requested immediately. All the outstanding bills should be settled before the end of the charter.

Any APA left unused will be reimbursed to you in full after the charter. 

Do I have to tip the captain and crew?

The gratitude to the crew members normally comprises to 5-10% of the charter cost. This figure can be scaled up or down depending on your satisfaction level. The best way to distribute the reward equally between all members of the crew is to give it to the captain.

Can a yacht be relocated to any port for embarkation?

Yes, you can embark and disembark the yacht in a place other than her home port. In this case, the relocation fees may apply. Your Charter Manager will discuss it with you upon booking.

Can I specify the food and wine to be served on board?

Prior to your charter, we will ask you to complete our Charter Booking Form noting your culinary and religious preferences, any medical requirements and allergies, required water toys and activities. It will allow us to organize your voyage in the best possible way.

Am I covered by insurance?

All boats carry full comprehensive insurance, along with a general accident policy required by the local legislation. We do recommend that all guests carry their own personal health insurance to cover additional accident, hospital and repatriation costs, as well as a cancellation and curtailment insurance to cover them in the unlikely possibility that the charter is either cancelled or curtailed.

For more information on charter rules and regulations please see our Terms and Conditions

Can you put my yacht into charter?

Yes. For more information please click here.

Simply fill in the form below.
Our yacht charter specialist will be in touch with you within 24 hours.